Copy of Dr. Steven Greer's 2014 New Year's Email

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I thought I would share Dr. Greer's new year's message that he sent to his email list.  You can sign up for his list here on the right:

Yeah, I'm late on the new year message, but at least I got it out there now!  Dr. Greer always gives great messages and logical ideas about our planet, the galaxy, and our species.

Please read this and share it around.  Happy late new year!

2014 New Year's Message from Dr. Greer

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I would like to thank all of you for the key support that you have provided in the past year as Sirius was launched and a new wave of interest in Contact and Disclosure swept the world. 

The most successful crowd-funded documentary film in history has had very successful premieres in Australia, London, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Virginia.

We have just signed an agreement to have Sirius broadcast in Asia in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei  and other locations and a special edition DVD will be distributed in Japan in the coming months. 

In the course of the roll-out of Sirius, thousands of people have learned about how each of us can make Contact through the CE-5 Contact program, and that ending secrecy on UFOs can pave the way for bringing out new zero point energy technologies to end the era of Big Oil. 

As a result of this momentum, I was asked to address a prestigious gathering of 120 leaders from around the world who represented governments, corporations, academic institutions and other key sectors of society.

Many had never heard of the evidence and testimony of the Disclosure Project and the promise of the new physics behind the energy and propulsion system of UFOs. As a result of this event, senior leaders around the world have requested further information and are being sent the video of Disclosure Project Witnesses with the presidential briefing document (2 hr Witness DVD)

 At this gathering of leaders from around the world, we made the argument for the support of civilian, peaceful uses of new zero point energy systems, and called for active involvement by leaders to assist in bringing out to the public these new, earth-saving technologies which have been illegally suppressed for over half a century. 

To date, we have raised $240,565 for the new energy research lab. While this is far short of the $6.3 million needed, we will continue to call for support for this effort and provide key education to the public and to leaders around the world on the critical and urgent need for a new energy paradigm. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have contributed to this effort!

Thousands of new Contact teams have formed around the world and are using the Contact App ( app information) and forming teams that are creating a new momentum for peaceful Contact with ETs from other star systems.

We routinely receive amazing reports of Contact as a result of these efforts as new Ambassadors to the Universe find that the cosmos eagerly awaits a sincere, peaceful and conscious response to their presence. 

The CE-5 Ambassador to the Universe Expeditions in Florida, Virginia, England, California , Australia and Arizona were the most successful group contact events since I formed CSETI in 1990.

The caliber, sincerity and capabilities of those attending these events was excellent and the ET Contact events were the best and most profound we have ever had! I would like to thank everyone who attended and all the volunteers who made these events possible.

For 2014 we are planning a further release of Sirius and making it available to download from the Internet, in addition to Sirius being available in DVD and video on demand

We are also developing a new FREE Contact Networking App that will allow CE-5 Contact teams and individuals around the world to instantly be in contact with one another.

This App is being developed by a volunteer who hopes to have the project completed in early 2014. This free app will enable you to be in touch with other Ambassadors to the Universe who understand the power of collective group consciousness to create a universe of peace.

It will also enable you to form your own team from those who live in your area, or join a team when you are traveling. This Contact Network app will augment the existing Contact App ( ET Contact Tool).

We are also planning a number of Ambassador to the Universe Expeditions and will soon be announcing locations and dates for these.

Please keep in mind that we do not have an office or paid staff and that we rely on volunteers and try to reply to inquiries as best we can. We appreciate your patience!

In 2014 we will also be developing further multi-media programs for TV, Internet and film that will be new educational projects to reach an ever-wider global audience.

2013 was the best year yet for Contact, Disclosure and education about the promise of new energy. We believe 2014 will surpass 2013 as we all work toward the emerging reality of a new world of Universal Peace, established within the experience of cosmic consciousness.

As one era ends, a new one opens: the emergence of a world of free energy, peace, justice and travel amongst the stars is ours to create. For within the quiet depths of pure consciousness we find that there is one people in the Universe , and we are they.

In Universal Peace,

Steven M. Greer MD 

Dr. Steven Greer Gets Huge Exposure with an Interview on Russia Today!

This is another great interview by the tireless Dr. Steven Greer from CSETI and The Sirius Disclosure documentary.

It is great to see him getting wider exposure on wider and wider media platforms.  Please share this post or the video from Youtube.  Just copy the URLs and paste them into your social accounts.

He starts the interview talking about a massive UFO on radar and sighted by pilots in Alaska.  Within one sweep of a radar this massive object would be across the screen about 40 or 50 miles away.

This object was moving non linearly.  Some call it inter-dimensional travel.  Others call it teleporting.

Next, Dr. Greer explains his grass roots movement for Disclosure that began 24 years ago.  His uncle was involved with the moon program and he had a UFO encounter himself.  These events sent him down the path of sharing the truth.

He talks about the problems that the truth brings to theologians and religion.  This issue is so damaging to ancient belief systems because if we contact a civilization that is millions of years ahead of us, their technology would seem supernatural.

These ancient traditions were witnessing something that we cannot explain today, much less thousands of years ago.

The next case they talk about is the Phoenix Lights.  This is when a mile wide triangular craft was viewed over Arizona by tens of thousands of people including the governor.

Dr. Greer wraps up the interview with the most vital part of the UFO and technology coverup.

The Dislcosure Project has thousands of high level witnesses.  Fromt heir body of evidence, it is clear that multiple ET crafts have crashed or been downed by secret human technology.

These crafts have been recovered and studied.  There are over 100 witnesses who were part of secret crash recovery teams.

These downed ET craft go into black projects and are studied.  New technologies are back engineered and kept secret to serve an elite power hungry few.

These crash recoveries have been going on at least since Roswell in 1947.  The scale of technology in these classified dark projects must be incredible now.

This has always been the main reason for the secrecy behind the ET and UFO subject.  As the demand for full truth grows in the population, all of these technologies will come out.

It will end our reliance on coal, fossil fuels, nuclear power, solar and wind.  It exists all over this planet now in secret labs.  Multiple witnesses and whistleblowers confirm this.

We always say to not trust our word, but do your own investigation.  A great place to start is with the dozens of interviews at the Sirius Disclosure Youtube Channel.  Make up your own mind and try to release your entrenched bias against this information.  It is time for us all to grow up as people and a planet.

As these secrets are shared more and more, poverty, war and hunger will be a thing of our dark, backward past.

This is the main reason why I am so passionate about this topic.  It is the single biggest truth that will liberate us all.  The next step will be to build a peaceful, abundant, space faring civilization.

We just need the fucking truth and the removal of ALL those who have kept this a secret at the expense of the suffering of hundreds of millions through our recent history.

I sometimes say that the court proceedings will make Nuremburg look like a morning of traffic court.  Demand the truth and share it widely.  You will be surprised at the openness and acceptance of your friends and family.

Donna Hare Interview: NASA Lies About UFOs, Destroys Picture Evidence Regularly

This is a video interview about the constant lies told by NASA.  Donna Hare worked for a contractor in building 8 of NASA in 1970 and 1971.  She had a secret security clearance that she thought was the highest.  Please share.

Donna worked in a photo lab at the time.  One day she walked into a restriced area which was the NASA photo lab instead of her company's.

This is where they developed moon and satellite photos.  One of her friends was there.  He pointed to a panel in an image mosaic.

It was an aerial photo.  He pointed to a white dot on another photo.  She asked what it was.  She then asked if it was a UFO.  He smiled and said, "I can't tell you that."

He said that they always airbrush out the UFOs.  She felt compelled to dig into the truth and do some investigating on her own.

She began to ask questions to her co workers about UFOs.  She would meet with them off site and they would open up to her.  She says almost all astronauts have seen strange craft out there.

They even had a code name of Santa Claus for UFOs.  Another friend of hers used to burn photos for NASA.  These images contained a host of secrets.

Most of the people she talks to are very afraid for putting out this information.  This is how they have kept the secrets for so long.  It has been a long string of intimidation and violence.

These people are very brave for coming forward.  Recently there have been a flood of new witnesses releasing their stories about the UFO and ET coverup.  You can find the newest interviews here.

These actions are building up and it is why I made this site to share their stories.  Please post these videos from Sirius Disclosure and keep pushing out the truth.  It is time to release the hidden free energy and other technologies so we can rebuild our planet and civilization.