Donna Hare Interview: NASA Lies About UFOs, Destroys Picture Evidence Regularly

This is a video interview about the constant lies told by NASA.  Donna Hare worked for a contractor in building 8 of NASA in 1970 and 1971.  She had a secret security clearance that she thought was the highest.  Please share.

Donna worked in a photo lab at the time.  One day she walked into a restriced area which was the NASA photo lab instead of her company's.

This is where they developed moon and satellite photos.  One of her friends was there.  He pointed to a panel in an image mosaic.

It was an aerial photo.  He pointed to a white dot on another photo.  She asked what it was.  She then asked if it was a UFO.  He smiled and said, "I can't tell you that."

He said that they always airbrush out the UFOs.  She felt compelled to dig into the truth and do some investigating on her own.

She began to ask questions to her co workers about UFOs.  She would meet with them off site and they would open up to her.  She says almost all astronauts have seen strange craft out there.

They even had a code name of Santa Claus for UFOs.  Another friend of hers used to burn photos for NASA.  These images contained a host of secrets.

Most of the people she talks to are very afraid for putting out this information.  This is how they have kept the secrets for so long.  It has been a long string of intimidation and violence.

These people are very brave for coming forward.  Recently there have been a flood of new witnesses releasing their stories about the UFO and ET coverup.  You can find the newest interviews here.

These actions are building up and it is why I made this site to share their stories.  Please post these videos from Sirius Disclosure and keep pushing out the truth.  It is time to release the hidden free energy and other technologies so we can rebuild our planet and civilization.

Fred Threlfall Shares an Amazing Dematerialization and Teleportation Experiment from 1953

Please share this interview about a dematerialization experiment witnessed in 1953.  Fred Threlfall was a communications instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Force in Toronto when he wandered into an an experiment that he was not supposed to see.

Fre was in the Royal Canadian Air Force in the early 50's.  He was stationed as an instructor at an air station in Toronto.

There was an experiment going on and he asked his Engineer friends on the base what was going on.  They told him to watch the two rooms.

There was a four by four room with panels of instruments and another room next to it.  A scientist officer was leading the experiment team.

There was an ashtray in one room that was the focus of the experiment.  As the experiment went ahead, the ashtray was energized and disappeared from one room and teleported to the other room.

The people running the experiment moved over to the other room.  They were very excited to see that the ashtray had teleported from one room to the other.

He was told by an officer that he was not supposed to see th eexperiment.  He said he was just passing by from another experiment, then said, "yes, sir" and left.

He has also seen at least 20 films of objects completing impossible moves.  He believes that they were UFOs viewed at different times.

This experiment was in 1953.  These advanced technologies have been hidden from the people of the world for too long.

As these secrets and hidden tech comes out, our civilization will change profoundly.

Fascinating Video Interview About Italian Air Force UFO Reports

This is an interview about the UFO files from the Italian Air Force.  There are a lot of reports that are interesting.

He says that the files show the UFOs have been a problem since at least 1959.

The Italian officials do not debunk or deny the UFOs.  They are merely trying to figure out what these unknown aircraft were.

The reports confirm that pilots and radar pick up these UFO objects.  They have reports of military aircraft intercepting these unknown aircraft.  The UFOs quickly leave the military jets in the dust.

It is a really interesting interview that I hope you check out and share.

Dr. Hal Puthoff Talks About New Understandings of Energy and Physics

This is a fantastic and sober discussion by Dr. Hal Puthoff, the Director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Austin.  He goes in depth about the implications of new findings in Theoretical Physics and energy.  I think you will enjoy this talk.

In this interview, Dr. Hal Puthoff talks about the energy density in the vacuum.  The fact is that space is not empty.

Energy is very densely packed at every point in space.  The example of this high amount of ever present energy is a coffee cup of water.

If we could fully change that coffee cup of water into energy, it would be enough to boil the oceans of the world.

He also talks about the real possibility of manipulating space itself.  In this case, the speed of light would not be a limit.

You could distort space on one side of a vehicle and be traveling within that warped space.  To the rest of the Universe it would look like faster than light travel.

This is one of the ways that other star civilizations travel.  When you can bend space, there is no limit to how far and fast you can go.

Dr. Puthoff then talks about an Air Force project to interview Scientists about intertia distortions.  These are not fringe ideas.

His Institute for Advanced Studies is moving forward in many areas.  There is much interest by governments and military, so these are not fringe ideas any more.

In summary of the video, there are many exciting avenues that Science is taking today.  Topic that were thought ridiculous or impossible are being verified and studied in depth.

It seems there is a revolution in energy, Physics, and the study of strange phenomena taking place all over the world.

Our civilization is changing rapidly as we come to understand our own interconnectedness with the energy around us.

Tom Bearden Talks About Energy from the Vacuum and Electromagnetism

The inspiring and tireless retired Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden talks about pulling energy from the vacuum of space.  This information is vital to humanity.  Please learn and share:

Dr. Bearden's work shows that it is possible to build machines that run off the energy of the structure of the vacuum.  They have working models now.

This topic walks hand in hand with the suppression of the UFO information.  Powerful groups want this free energy secret so that they can keep their grip on power and global money.