Donna Hare Interview: NASA Lies About UFOs, Destroys Picture Evidence Regularly

This is a video interview about the constant lies told by NASA.  Donna Hare worked for a contractor in building 8 of NASA in 1970 and 1971.  She had a secret security clearance that she thought was the highest.  Please share.

Donna worked in a photo lab at the time.  One day she walked into a restriced area which was the NASA photo lab instead of her company's.

This is where they developed moon and satellite photos.  One of her friends was there.  He pointed to a panel in an image mosaic.

It was an aerial photo.  He pointed to a white dot on another photo.  She asked what it was.  She then asked if it was a UFO.  He smiled and said, "I can't tell you that."

He said that they always airbrush out the UFOs.  She felt compelled to dig into the truth and do some investigating on her own.

She began to ask questions to her co workers about UFOs.  She would meet with them off site and they would open up to her.  She says almost all astronauts have seen strange craft out there.

They even had a code name of Santa Claus for UFOs.  Another friend of hers used to burn photos for NASA.  These images contained a host of secrets.

Most of the people she talks to are very afraid for putting out this information.  This is how they have kept the secrets for so long.  It has been a long string of intimidation and violence.

These people are very brave for coming forward.  Recently there have been a flood of new witnesses releasing their stories about the UFO and ET coverup.  You can find the newest interviews here.

These actions are building up and it is why I made this site to share their stories.  Please post these videos from Sirius Disclosure and keep pushing out the truth.  It is time to release the hidden free energy and other technologies so we can rebuild our planet and civilization.