Dr. Hal Puthoff Talks About New Understandings of Energy and Physics

This is a fantastic and sober discussion by Dr. Hal Puthoff, the Director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Austin.  He goes in depth about the implications of new findings in Theoretical Physics and energy.  I think you will enjoy this talk.

In this interview, Dr. Hal Puthoff talks about the energy density in the vacuum.  The fact is that space is not empty.

Energy is very densely packed at every point in space.  The example of this high amount of ever present energy is a coffee cup of water.

If we could fully change that coffee cup of water into energy, it would be enough to boil the oceans of the world.

He also talks about the real possibility of manipulating space itself.  In this case, the speed of light would not be a limit.

You could distort space on one side of a vehicle and be traveling within that warped space.  To the rest of the Universe it would look like faster than light travel.

This is one of the ways that other star civilizations travel.  When you can bend space, there is no limit to how far and fast you can go.

Dr. Puthoff then talks about an Air Force project to interview Scientists about intertia distortions.  These are not fringe ideas.

His Institute for Advanced Studies is moving forward in many areas.  There is much interest by governments and military, so these are not fringe ideas any more.

In summary of the video, there are many exciting avenues that Science is taking today.  Topic that were thought ridiculous or impossible are being verified and studied in depth.

It seems there is a revolution in energy, Physics, and the study of strange phenomena taking place all over the world.

Our civilization is changing rapidly as we come to understand our own interconnectedness with the energy around us.