Fred Threlfall Shares an Amazing Dematerialization and Teleportation Experiment from 1953

Please share this interview about a dematerialization experiment witnessed in 1953.  Fred Threlfall was a communications instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Force in Toronto when he wandered into an an experiment that he was not supposed to see.

Fre was in the Royal Canadian Air Force in the early 50's.  He was stationed as an instructor at an air station in Toronto.

There was an experiment going on and he asked his Engineer friends on the base what was going on.  They told him to watch the two rooms.

There was a four by four room with panels of instruments and another room next to it.  A scientist officer was leading the experiment team.

There was an ashtray in one room that was the focus of the experiment.  As the experiment went ahead, the ashtray was energized and disappeared from one room and teleported to the other room.

The people running the experiment moved over to the other room.  They were very excited to see that the ashtray had teleported from one room to the other.

He was told by an officer that he was not supposed to see th eexperiment.  He said he was just passing by from another experiment, then said, "yes, sir" and left.

He has also seen at least 20 films of objects completing impossible moves.  He believes that they were UFOs viewed at different times.

This experiment was in 1953.  These advanced technologies have been hidden from the people of the world for too long.

As these secrets and hidden tech comes out, our civilization will change profoundly.