Dr. Steven Greer Gets Huge Exposure with an Interview on Russia Today!

This is another great interview by the tireless Dr. Steven Greer from CSETI and The Sirius Disclosure documentary.

It is great to see him getting wider exposure on wider and wider media platforms.  Please share this post or the video from Youtube.  Just copy the URLs and paste them into your social accounts.

He starts the interview talking about a massive UFO on radar and sighted by pilots in Alaska.  Within one sweep of a radar this massive object would be across the screen about 40 or 50 miles away.

This object was moving non linearly.  Some call it inter-dimensional travel.  Others call it teleporting.

Next, Dr. Greer explains his grass roots movement for Disclosure that began 24 years ago.  His uncle was involved with the moon program and he had a UFO encounter himself.  These events sent him down the path of sharing the truth.

He talks about the problems that the truth brings to theologians and religion.  This issue is so damaging to ancient belief systems because if we contact a civilization that is millions of years ahead of us, their technology would seem supernatural.

These ancient traditions were witnessing something that we cannot explain today, much less thousands of years ago.

The next case they talk about is the Phoenix Lights.  This is when a mile wide triangular craft was viewed over Arizona by tens of thousands of people including the governor.

Dr. Greer wraps up the interview with the most vital part of the UFO and technology coverup.

The Dislcosure Project has thousands of high level witnesses.  Fromt heir body of evidence, it is clear that multiple ET crafts have crashed or been downed by secret human technology.

These crafts have been recovered and studied.  There are over 100 witnesses who were part of secret crash recovery teams.

These downed ET craft go into black projects and are studied.  New technologies are back engineered and kept secret to serve an elite power hungry few.

These crash recoveries have been going on at least since Roswell in 1947.  The scale of technology in these classified dark projects must be incredible now.

This has always been the main reason for the secrecy behind the ET and UFO subject.  As the demand for full truth grows in the population, all of these technologies will come out.

It will end our reliance on coal, fossil fuels, nuclear power, solar and wind.  It exists all over this planet now in secret labs.  Multiple witnesses and whistleblowers confirm this.

We always say to not trust our word, but do your own investigation.  A great place to start is with the dozens of interviews at the Sirius Disclosure Youtube Channel.  Make up your own mind and try to release your entrenched bias against this information.  It is time for us all to grow up as people and a planet.

As these secrets are shared more and more, poverty, war and hunger will be a thing of our dark, backward past.

This is the main reason why I am so passionate about this topic.  It is the single biggest truth that will liberate us all.  The next step will be to build a peaceful, abundant, space faring civilization.

We just need the fucking truth and the removal of ALL those who have kept this a secret at the expense of the suffering of hundreds of millions through our recent history.

I sometimes say that the court proceedings will make Nuremburg look like a morning of traffic court.  Demand the truth and share it widely.  You will be surprised at the openness and acceptance of your friends and family.